Class Supply List

FDIQ - Figure Drawing - Jeremy Durling

Required materials:

• 1 Ebony pencil or good quality drawing pencil 2b or softer

• 1 Kneaded eraser

• 1 Mars plastic eraser

• 1 small box of vine or willow charcoal medium size

• 1 piece of compressed charcoal or charcoal pencil (optional for later in the term)

For paper I recommend:

• 18” x 24” newsprint pad for warmup sketches and process work

• 18” x 24” drawing paper for more finished or refined drawings and value drawings

For a studio class these would be required. As we are working at home I would like to remain a bit flexible here, in case you would prefer to work on smaller paper or if your workspace won’t accommodate such a large pad.

I also recommend :

• 1 drawing clip board or sketch pad board. These are typically aprox. 23 x 26 and allow you to clip your pad to a rigid board while you are working. A piece of hardboard cut to fit your pad and a clip could also work well.

• Easel. Some sort of tabletop easel or folding easel. Propping your drawing up on a desk is also an option. It’s not required, but I do feel it’s best to have your drawing facing you, rather than flat in front of you. Additional supplies will be discussed in class.