January 11, 2019

Infinity Art Show Abstract Art

CCAE's winter art show, INFINITY, is on view at 42 Brattle Street. INFINITY is an exhibition of abstract work featuring Mel Brown, Diane Comoletti, Kristin Garner Griffin, Jennifer Johnston, Sam LaFleche, Ruven Liebhaber, Tim McCool, and Jhilam Sanyal.

This exhibition's intent is to accentuate and distinguish abstract art from figurative art and realism, and to demonstrate how seemingly conflicting or clashing elements can come together to create a whole that is a profound expression of the artist’s perspective, emotion, instinct, present state, dreams, or wishes.

On Thursday, January 10, the featured artists and the CCAE community gathered to celebrate the opening of this exhibit, available for view through March 15.

View a video of the opening