Studio School

Since 1994, Cambridge Center for Adult Education’s Studio School offers a group of coordinated intensive classes that focus on perceptual drawing and oil painting.

About CCAE's Studio School

In these classes, students develop skills that enable them to record and interpret, analyze and express. Studio School classes include painting and drawing from life, stressing the importance of spatial relationships and careful observation.

Studio School Instructors Brett Gamache and Jeremy Durling lead classes for new and continuing students to closely study in a supportive and focused environment, with classes that include drawing and painting from the figure, still life, and landscape.

Brett Gamache

Brett Gamache has been teaching drawing and painting in the Studio School at CCAE since 2010. Gamache holds a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art and an MFA in Painting from the University of New Hampshire. Learn more about Brett here.

Jeremy Durling

Jeremy Durling holds a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design and has been teaching drawing and painting in the Studio School at CCAE since 2014, as well as beginner level drawing and oil painting. Learn more about Jeremy here.

Build Foundations

Start with these classes if you are a new or beginning artist. These classes are offered every term and students are encouraged to take the classes multiple times.

Continue Practicing

Our Advanced Painting class is recommended for students who have a firm understanding of the basics of oil painting, or students who have taken Painting: Foundations at least four times.

Focus Your Skills

Still Life Setup

These classes provide space for concentrated study on particular subjects. Class offerings change per term; see the class catalog for details.

Still Life & Landscape


"I loved this class! First time and I'm hooked. Brett is an excellent instructor. I learned so much. Good balance of demo and hands on work."

Holly, Studio School Drawing

"A chance to pick up something I've not done in years. I like that all levels are welcome."

Ken, Intensive Drawing Boot Camp

"Jeremy had a really well thought out curriculum, introducing new things every week. His comments were always helpful and supportive, whether you were a beginner or more experienced. "

Student, Painting: Foundations