Science and Art of Sugar Sculptures *In-Person*

Watch a sugar piece come to life as you learn the basic science of isomalt, a sugar derived from sugar beets, and why this compound disaccharide is a more durable and glossier option for sculptures than sucrose. Students will also learn casting, pulling, and blowtorching techniques and various coloring options, including the use of edible markers. You’ll leave with your very own sugar sculpture. Instructor: Linda Khachadurian



Start Date

May 4, 2023









Thursday, 6-8:30pm. May 4. The cost of tuition covers all food materials and fees.

This class will meet in-person at CCAE. Please view our In-Person Class Guidelines.

Instructors: Linda Khachadurian


Linda Khachadurian

Linda Khachadurian is a Beirut-born Armenian American medical editor, international educational nonprofit founder, sugar and chocolate artist, and host of The Charitable Confectioner on channel 9/Cambridge. Her online business, Chipper Confections, partners with Pure Water for the World -- an organization she met while writing an article about safe water in Haiti for The Harvard Review of Latin America. Her sugar art and chocolate art has been sold at retailers such as UncommonGoods and displayed everywhere from local galleries to the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in LA to the Mariott Marquis in NYC to the Sheraton Boston Hotel, and her edible art skills were also showcased on the Food Network show, Candy Land. Her first solo edible art exhibition will run from January -March 2022 at the Karen Aqua Gallery in Cambridge. Her science and visual arts background allow her to explore how they intersect with culinary arts. She holds degrees from Johns Hopkins and Harvard.

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Instagram: @chipperconfections